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Plant based nut drink

Making your own plant based milk, it’s done in hardly more than the blink of an eye. Of course, many different kinds of plant based milk are for sale in classic supermarkets as well as in organic wholefood stores. That is really a good thing, but why would you have to put up with al that packaging waste? Every year, Earth Overshoot Day (*) shifts to yet another couple of days earlier on the year, and the making of all those packages is partly responsible for that.
Making your own, raw and unpasteurized organic vegan milk in the quantities that suit you, it doesn’t take any longer than fixing a cup of tea or a cup of coffee.

What you need for half a litre of plant based milk:

  • 50 grs of nuts, preferably soaked
  • 500 ml of water
  • a pinch of sea salt (optional)
  • a pinch of cinnamon (optional)
  • a blender or a mixer and its cup
  • a finely meshed nylon filter bag

Picture of nuts and tools to make nut milk
Appropriate nuts for plant milk are almonds and cashew nuts. Preferably buy them organic.
Let the nuts soak in water and afterwards rinse them well in a strainer.
Almonds can be left soaking overnight, cashews will be ready after one and a half to three hours soaking.
Put the soaked nuts into the cup of the blender or mixer.
Add the other ingredients, pour the water over and blend thoroughly during about 30 seconds.
Pour the mixture through the filter bag into a wide enough recipient such as a measuring jug, then press out the nut pulp to extract most of the liquid.
Pour the nut drink into a glass bottle with a screw cap.
It will keep about three days in teh refrigerator. Afterwards the milk will turn slightly acid as a result of fermentation.
Enjoy your plant milk!

What to do with the pulp that remains in the filter bag?
The pulp is made of the unsoluble fibres of the nuts. You can for instance add that pulp to your morning muesli or porridge, or work it into cookie dough, whether or not you make raw cookies or traditional ones. This way, nothing gets lost.
(*)Earth Overshoot Day: The day of the year on which all resources that the Earth can produce in one year, are used up.

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