Yoga for Men

A photo collage featuring a flower and men practicing yoga together

“Being naked connects us even more with Mother Earth and liberates us from all restrictions and costumes that society imposes on us”

Yoga Kitchen organizes yoga classes specifically for men, combined with naturism in bimonthly workshops.

Yoga for men

Even if yoga used to be practiced mainly by men throughout its thousand years’ tradition, nowadays this discipline is perceived as an activity that attracts mostly women, who make up the majority of the participants in contemporary yoga classes. This workshop amongst other things seeks to inspire men and make them enthusiastic about yoga, making them experience the different atmosphere when men practice yoga in a group by themselves.

Men are traditionally oriented or directed towards competitive sports disciplines where the performance and the result are perceived as important. In yoga, the competitive aspect is totally absent, and the process, the evolution and the individual experience come to the foreground.

In contemporary Western society, men are strongly being pushed towards mental activities (thinking and living from the mental plane). Yoga can help to improve the contact with their physical body and their feelings. Yoga and conscious breathing help to be alert and present in a complete physical experience of the present moment.

Moreover, in the acroyoga postures, we experience a feeling of brotherhood, because we learn what it feels like to give and receive mutual support, which transforms us from adversaries or rivals into brothers.

Naked yoga

Clothing, whether suits, uniforms or working gear, it often works as a label that pins us to a certain role or status in society. When we practice yoga without our clothes, we get closer to our essence and we show up both strong and vulnerable. The freedom of the body allows a greater enjoying of the senses and movements. Leaving our clothes back in the locker room allows us to let go of the roles and restrictions of daily life. We become more ourselves and more equal. Moreover, society offers little or no opportunities to be naked outside of a sexual context.

Naturist Yoga for Men practical

As for the content of the class we combine elements from different yoga traditions. This playful, energetic and fun yoga class starts with yogic breathing exercices and a warm up in Kundalini style to make the spine flexible and to raise the body’s inner temperature. Then we go through some sun salutations, a flowing series of body postures (asanas) and some acroyoga exercises in which two or more participants adopt a yoga posture together. The class ends with some yin-style stretches and a deep, soothing guided relaxation.

The class is open to all men regardless of their age, ethnic origins, shapes, body types, looks, physical abilities or sexual orientation. No preliminary experience with yoga is required. Everyone can participate depending on their individual possibilities.

Admission fee for the class: 20 euros, including tea or refreshment afterwards.
A four sessions Yoga Pass is available for 60 euros and remains valid for 4 months.
If you bring a friend who thus joins the class for the first time, you both only pay 15 euros instead of 20 euros.

Please bring your own yoga mat or a big towel and a second towel or blanket to keep your body warm during relaxation.
Be sure to be clean, take a shower before the class and refrain from using colognes.

If you wish to participate, please select the date of your choice in the list of workshops below and fill out the form underneath the event’s page. Or send an e-mail to

Upcoming workshops Naked Yoga for Men

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Nov 2019

Date/Time Class/Workshop
24/11/2019 | 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Men's Naked Yoga 2019 , Yoga Kitchen, Brussels

Dec 2019

Date/Time Class/Workshop
08/12/2019 | 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Men's Naked Yoga 2019 , Yoga Kitchen, Brussels
22/12/2019 | 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Men's Naked Yoga 2019 , Yoga Kitchen, Brussels