Yoga at work

Yoga and nowadays’ work

A lot of today’s professional activities happen sitting at a desk. Often in front of a screen, for many, many consecutive hours. Some of the greatest gifts the practice of yoga offers us, Westerners, are the highly beneficial effects on body and mind. Precisely in this context of a sedentary existence with a lot of mental activity, this is truely precious.

Yoga in company

Yoga can be used within the context of the company. As one of the tools within a strategy that aims to improve wellbeing at work. It can help to prevent stress and burn-out phenomena.

Within the context of Yoga Kitchen we offer Yoga at the workplace.
In the format of a weekly yoga class, or as workshops on stress management with yoga and breathing as a starting point.

In the weekly classes of about one hour we have a good balance between effort and rest. Thanks to dynamic and static exercises, breathing exercises and relaxation.

Everyone is welcome, everyone can participate within one’s physical abilities of the moment. After the session, the employees resume their professional activities. They feel both relaxed and recharged. As a consequence, the session has a highly beneficial effect on their well-being and the energy level. Therefore, this often results in improved productivity.
Read more about the effects of yoga practice below.

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The effects of yoga practice

The yoga postures and exercises make the body stronger and stretch and elongate the muscles. New space is literally being created, and the “knots” of muscular tension and stress start to dissolve. To sit almost motionless at a desk for long hours causes compression of the back and the spine. They become more compact and more rigid. Yoga brings movement into the spine and creates lengthening and relaxation.

Breathing mostly happens completely unconsciously. Intense mental activity causes the breath to become very superficial. Sometimes lapses of time occur where breathing is almost non-existent. This can even create local oxygen deficits. These, in turn, enhance muscular tension. In yoga, one is invited to breathe a lot, consciously and deeply. This conscious way of breathing restores the flow of energy throughout the body. One can compare the oxygen supply to a river that replenishes all parts of the body with vital life force and energy.

Due to the intense mental activity and the frequent use of computer screens employees tend to lose contact with their bodies. It is as if they reside entirely “in their heads”. A moment of yoga at work brings them back “home” in their bodies, in their own matter. This helps them to restore the balance. It is both a moment of physical activity and a beneficial moment of rest. By consequence, this soothes the mind and greater calm and clarity both emerge.

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