Yoga for Men

As long as there are measures regarding the COVID-19 pandemic that limit meetings, the classes will continue with a limited number of participants.

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“Being naked connects us even more to Mother Earth and frees us from the restrictions and costumes imposed on us by society”

Yoga Kitchen organizes yoga classes specifically for men, in combination with naturism.

Yoga for men

Although yoga in its centuries-long tradition used to be practiced mainly by men, today it is seen as an activity that attracts mostly women, who make up the majority of today’s yoga courses. One of the aims of the workshops is to inspire men and make them enthusiastic about the practice of yoga and to let them taste the unique atmosphere that arises when men practice yoga together in a group by themselves.
The classes are open to all adult men regardless of their age, ethnic origin, shape, body type, appearance, physical ability, sexual orientation or whatsoever.
No prior experience with yoga is required. Everyone can participate according to their personal abilities.
Read more about the structural framework of the classes Naked Yoga for Men below.

Men’s Naked Yoga in Schaarbeek

Group classes on
Sunday afternoon
from 16.00 h (4.00 pm)
till 17.30 h (5.30 pm)

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Paying for the classes

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Yoga and men

Men are traditionally rather focused on, or directed towards, competitive sports disciplines. Performance and results are regarded as important. In yoga, however, the element of competition is completely absent, and the process, evolution and individual experience come first.

Men in our society are also strongly directed towards mental activities (thinking and living from the mind). Yoga can help them to improve their contact with the physical body and the emotional world. Yoga and conscious breathing help to be more alert in a complete physical experience of the here and now.

Moreover, men experience a sense of brotherhood in the occasional partner yoga exercises that are performed in pairs. Because in this way we learn what it feels like to give and receive support. In this way we evolve from rivals or competitors to brothers.

Naked Yoga and naturism

Especially in Northern Europe, naturism, which partially developed from the German Körperkultur of the first half of the 20th century, exists as a movement striving for a complex-free experience of nudity. Today there are numerous clubs and associations all over Europe.

What is less well known is that in India, the cradle of yoga, there is still a tradition of sadhus or sages who go through life naked on a daily basis, but rather as a sign of an ascetic, detached way of life.

Clothing versus nudity

Clothing, whether it’s made-to-measure suits, uniforms or work apparel, often works like a label that pints us down to a certain role or status in society.
When we practice yoga without our clothes

    • we’re getting closer to our essence
    • we show both our vulnerability and our strength
    • the body is freer and that allows a deeper experience of the senses and movements.

Leaving our clothes behind in the dressing room also allows us to let go of the roles and limitations of everyday life. We become more ourselves and more equal to each other. Moreover, our society offers little or no opportunities to be naked outside of a sexual context.

Moreover, being naked together with others gives us the opportunity to reconcile ourselves with the multiformity and transience of the body. In contrast to a society that imposes norms on us about appearance and age, which sometimes leads to discomfort, insecurity, complexes or even aversion to one’s own body. Men, too, sometimes suffer as a result. That is why naked yoga can have a liberating effect.


A regular practice of yoga can drastically change your life in a positive sense.

These playful and energetic yoga classes are based on Prana Yoga Flow.
Prana Yoga Flow is ideal for those who need healthy and conscious exercise and also want to cultivate strength and endurance. On a physical level, yoga, and Prana Yoga Flow makes you more flexible, but also stronger. Your muscles are stimulated to grow in length. They develop even strength along all sides of your limbs, which promotes balance and the health of your joints. You learn to be firmer and more conscious, and you learn to work with your breathing more consciously.
After a class of Men’s Naked Yoga you will feel incredibly firmly anchored in your physical body.
You will feel the effect of the lesson for days afterwards.

Mental attention

Keeping up with it with your full attention is probably the biggest effort. Yet it is essential in yoga practice.
That’s why we sometimes practice with our eyes closed. In order to stay focused on all physical sensations in the body more easily.


In the Men’s Naked Yoga classes we work continuously with the ujjayi breathing and sometimes with consciously holding certain muscle groups.
Our breathing acts more or less as the “motor”, guide and driving force. Since everyone breathes in a different way, there are moments when the participants practice at their own pace.


In the Men’s Naked Yoga the six most important functions of physical yoga are all addressed. The tool to support and strengthen these functions is the yoga posture or asana.
The asanas in the Men’s Naked Yoga classes are mainly chosen from a basic set of 32 different postures and their variations.
The postures are connected to each other in a freely rhythmic and flowing way, by connecting movements called vinyasas.
In the Men’s Naked Yoga classes we learn the different basic postures. Gradually we work to connect the postures fluently. Therefore, every now and then, there will be a moment for some “technical” explanation of the functions and postures. Also the somewhat more challenging postures such as the reversed postures are discussed.

Class structure

In general, we proceed as follows:

  • We start with a moment to cultivate presence in the here and now and sensation of the body.
  • Then we activate the ujjayi breathing technique before starting the posture sequence.
  • We continue with a short warm-up followed by dynamic series of postures known elsewhere as “sun salutations”.</li >
  • Next comes the sequence of postures composed of standing, sitting, lying and inverted postures and a calming end sequence.
  • There are occasional exercises in pairs
  • We end with a short moment of meditation and breathing and a deep relaxation, lying on our backs or in a resting position of our choice.

A class of Men’s Naked Yoga lasts for an hour and a half.

Type of class Duration Yin/Yang Pace Effects
Men’s Naked Yoga 90 mins Yang Medium, dynamic Heating, strengthening