Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is probably the most classic and most widespread form of yoga practice. Its intensity is situated between the more dynamic Prana Yoga Flow and the slower, static Yin Yoga.
This is the most appropriate form of yoga for starters.
We put a lot of emphasis on the adequate use of the breath. The movements and postures are selected out of the hundreds of yoga postures that have been documented. In general, we will remain for 5 up to 7 long, deep breaths in the posture, before moving on to the next one.
Thanks to the quiet pace of the series we are enabled to focus a bit more on the “technical” details of each posture in order to search for the best possible alignment that fits our individual body. However we avoid exaggeration: we use every posture as a means to get into the body, and not vice versa.
This form of yoga creates an intense link between body and mind, stimulates an attitude of mindfulness and a heightened level of concentration. It elevates the spatial awareness of the body and improves the breathing capacity. Flexibility and agility are gradually built up and improve class after class. Little by little we regain mastery of our body.

Class type Duration Yin/Yang Rhythm Effect
Hatha Yoga 60 min Yin & Yang slow, dynamic Neutral, balancing

Hatha Yoga in Schaarbeek

Group classes on
Tuesday evening from 7.00 pm until 8.00 pm

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Physically speaking, Hatha Yoga will render you more flexible, but also stronger. Your muscles will be stimulated to grow lengthwise and they will develop equal power along all sides of the body and the limbs. This will enhance the balance and health of your joints. You will learn how to stand solidly and more consciously, and you will experience and learn how to control your breath with sharpened awareness.
After a class of Hatha Yoga you will feel relaxed and amazingly well grounded and at home in your physical body, as well as mentally totally recentered.

Class structure

We start with a simple breathing exercise to become more aware of our breathing, and then we activate the ujjayi breathing technique.
Next there are opening movements intended for warm-up.
Then we navigate through a varying series of postures.
Amongst the postures and movements of Hatha Yoga all six main functions of physical yoga practice are present. The tool to nourish and strengthen these functions is the yoga posture or asana.

The series is composed of standing, sitting, lying and inverted postures. Certain tools such as chairs, blocks and belts are used to support the yoga practice and to adapt to everyone’s body type and physical abilities.
We make good use of the ujjayi breath throughout the session.
We sometimes practice with our eyes closed.
We end with a short moment of meditation and a deep relaxation, lying on our backs.

A Hatha Yoga class lasts for one hour.