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The Veganisto Food Coaching Strategy

General principles

  • Your personal wishes are the foundation of the coaching strategy. We do not impose a certain view or cooking philosophy, other that being plant-based and non-violent.
  • Because we are health-oriented, we personally favour fresh, organic and good quality produce and products. But again, up to you. You decide.
  • We are not interested in making you dependent on our services. We are dedicated to give you the tools to finally self-manage the keys to your health and well-being.
  • We encourage personal creativity with regards to food and cooking.
  • We don’t do dietings. Because the first diet that works in the long run has yet to be invented and prove it works . Dieting is not sustainable.
  • Although a healthy and balanced plant-based way of eating is the best prevention for disease, we are by no means a replacement for your doctor. Please consult your doctor if you have any serious health issue.

Step by step approach

Step 1: An intake session

Preceding your first session, you will receive a simple questionnaire and some day to day note sheets that will help you to gather some key personal information about yourself, your food habits, your family members and their food habits. This is to prepare yourself optimally for the intake session.
Next, we fix a date for the intake session.
During that session, we will analyse your preparatory notes and all other relevant information and clearly determine:

  • The who, where and when: who’s involved, where and when will I be preparing food and for whom?
  • Your personal target: where do I want to get
  • Your action plan: how do I get there
  • Your tools that will help you reach your goals
  • Your next steps: what is/are the first steps to take from now on

60 euros price tag
The intake session itself lasts up to one and a half hour.
It can take place either at your home or at Yoga Kitchen.
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Step 2: A follow-up session

You may find your way easily into your new eating and cooking habits! Great! Congratulations! In that case you may not need follow-up sessions. Let’s simply stay in touch and celebrate your succes and progress and growing ease!
However you may run into unexpected obstacles or difficulties that discourage you. That makes it necessary to adapt your action plan or give you some extra tools.
In that case, feel free to book one or more follow-up sessions.
60 euros price tag
A follow-up session lasts one hour.
We can have the session either at your place or at Yoga Kitchen.
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Step 3: A food shopping session

A food shopping session consists of visiting either your regular shops and/or a visit to one (or several) organic food stores with regards to your personal wishes.
It helps you find the necessary ingredients in the stores you visit frequently, to discard food types that are out of scope and to go on an adventurous discovery of new foods and ingredients that you will be able to add to your shopping list as your experience, confidence and joy grow. It helps to make your choices with confidence and avoid the traps of the food industry, organic or not.
90 euros price tag
A food shopping session lasts one and a half hour.
In the area where you do your regular shopping, or in the center of Brussels. (Only Brussels’ region)
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Step 4: A personal cooking workshop

A personal cooking workshop is designed to help you out with certain of your favourite recipes or preparations you struggle with in order to get them right.
90 euros price tag
A personal cooking workshop lasts minimum one hour.
We can have the session either at your place or at Yoga Kitchen.
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