Vision, mission and values

The great why

An existence without vision, mission or values is like a ship without a rudder, devoid of direction.

The vision of Yoga Kitchen

  • The actual state of the environment, the natural riches and the life-enhancing resources of this world are all in a state of critical alert.
  • The existing and actual ways of management by humans of the environment, the riches and the life-supporting resources of this Earth are failing and immensely dysfunctional.
  • The deeper causes of this human dysfunctioning are to be found in the separation between the mental and material activities of humans on the one hand, and a deeper spirituality and sense on the other hand. This cleavage reflects an absence of connection, between the human ego and the authentic true human self, also named the true divine essence. This is reflected again in the absence of a healthy connection with other human beings, other living beings and the living being of this planet.
  • The human being is both insignificant and possesses great potential power on condition that he is able to restore the connection with his true self, the timeless creature that resides in him or her.
  • In every error, in every failure and in every “accident” lies the key to healing and transformation.
  • Body, spirit and mind of man have an enormous capacity for transformation, healing and self-healing.

The values of Yoga Kitchen

The most important values of Yoga Kitchen are the following:

  • Non-violence
  • Compassion
  • Self responsibility
  • Clarity
  • Simplicity

The mission of Yoga Kitchen

  • The mission of Yoga Kitchen is to support people trying to make a healing connection with themselves and the world.
  • The mission of Yoga Kitchen is to give basic support to people who want to know their true selves and who want to manifest their complete potential in their lives and in this world.
  • The mission of Yoga Kitchen is to educate, to raise awareness and coach people so that they are able to apply practical and well-being enhancing changes in their individual lives and behaviours that bring them closer to themselves, and are beneficial to the other living beings in their surroundings as well as the environment.
  • The activities of Yoga Kitchen consist of teaching yoga classes, giving tips and advice about healthy food and lifestyle in the shape of workshops, trainings and publications and the organization of moments for concentration and meditation exercises. The activities in the context of nutrition and lifestyle actively strive to stimulate a 100% plant-based lifestyle, so with no use of animal products, with produce of organic and biodynamic agriculture and with products originating from fair and sustainable production and commerce.

With regards to content, Yoga Kitchen draws from the riches of the Yoga philosophy, from valuable elements out of other philosophies, from evidence from scientific research that is not sponsored by certain powerful profit groups, and very strongly from honest empirical self-investigation.

Version 2016