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Private yoga classes

To practice yoga with full respect of my personal needs and my time schedule

There may be different reasons why you do not want to attend group classes of yoga.
Yoga Kitchen offers private yoga classes.
The sessions can take place:

  • at Yoga Kitchen, by appointment
  • at your own place or at a venue of your choice, in the Brussels’ area, by appointment

The maximum number of participants is two.
The first session will take one and a half hour and includes a free take in interview and assessment.
First of all, your goals will need to be clarified.
Based on a series of observations and a set of tests, your personal profile and the best recommendations will be established.
Next will be the first one hour session of yoga practice.


  • One participant only: 60,00€ per hour
  • Two participants: 45,00€ per hour and per participant
  • transportation cost within the Brussels’ area: 10,00€

To fix an appointment for a private yoga class

You can fix an appointment by filling out and and sending the form at the bottom of the page.
You can also do so by telephone: 0486/88 28 48.
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