Yoga for healing

Yoga therapy for healing and prevention

To heal from my injuries and to prevent new ones from occurring thanks to yoga

There are moments in life when we are facing injuries or pains because of bad posture or too long held stresses in certain parts of our body.
Other disorders may inhibit normal mobility or generate pain symptoms.
Depending on your status and your history, you may find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • Phase 1: You go through states of physical crises that temporarily prevent you from moving. Your range of movement is strongly limited and you suffer from pain, maybe intense. Sometimes muscular cramps occur. You are uncapable to work normally.
  • Phase 2: You have regained some of your mobility, but the pain is still present. You feel very fragile. Running errands is almost impossible and you are very probably still unable to resume working normally.
  • Phase 3: Your usual range of movement has been completely restored. There is little pain. You can work normally and do your shopping. Now you want to exercise to take good care and to protect your back and body.
  • Phase 4: the pain is completely gone. You really want to invest in your well-being by taking on a muscle strengthening programme.

Therapy through yoga can contribute significantly to healing and to prevention of further discomfort, at any of the stages described above.

A private yoga therapy consult does not replace a visit to your general practicioner of medicine. But it offers extremely efficient and useful tools and recommendations from yoga to support, accelerate and enhance the healing process.
First of all we shall clearly determine your goals and expectations with regards to yoga therapy. We wil find out in which phase of discomfort you currently find yourself. Completed by the diagnostic of your family doctor, physiotherapist or others, and based on a set of tests and observations during the session we will formulate the most adequate recommendations.
They come in the form of a yoga series or procedure for home practice.
At the end of the consultation you will receive a written report with that series.


A consult lasts one hour and costs 60,00€.
Included in this consult there is a free follow up session (with a duration of about 15 minutes) during which we will assess how things evolve and whether the yoga series needs to be adjusted. You will decide yourself in common agreement when you would like to take advantage of this follow up.

To fix an appointment for a yoga therapy session

You can fix an appointment by filling out and and sending the form at the bottom of the page.
You can also do so by telephone: 0486/88 28 48.
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