Early Bird Yoga

The Early Bird yoga sessions found their inspiration in nature, in the sparkling energy by which birds manifest their vitality and their love of life early in the morning. The sessions will enable you to encounter the newborn day in an enthusiastic and energetic manner, just like the birds at sunrise!
The breath meditation and the moderate yet energetic yoga exercises in an Early Bird yoga session between 8 and 9 in the morning will give you mental clarity and optimum energy throughout your day.

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Type of class Duration Yin/Yang Rhythm Effect
Early Bird Yoga 60 min Yang Moderate, dynamic Heating, fortifying

Early Bird Yoga in Schaarbeek

Group classes on
Saturday morning from 8h00 until 9h00 (8am till 9am)

Upcoming classes Early Bird Yoga

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Jul 2019

Date/Time Class/Workshop
20/07/2019 | 8:00 am - 9:00 am Early Bird Yoga on Saturday , Yoga Kitchen, Brussels
27/07/2019 | 8:00 am - 9:00 am Early Bird Yoga on Saturday , Yoga Kitchen, Brussels


Class Sequence

In Early Bird Yoga almost all six main functions of a physical yoga practice are present. The tool to nourish and strengthen those functions is the yoga posture or asana.
Our breath is the “power engine”, the driving vital force that creates and supports movement and posture. During the breath meditation and yoga postures we will be aiming for maximum presence and mindfulness. We will learn how to make better use of our complete respiratory system and how to progressively improve the quality of our breathing.

The yoga exercises are made of uplifting warm-up and stretching exercises, a broad selection of Sun salutations and extra asanas that recharge us and prepare us for a new day filled with surprises.
We gradually transit from lying and sitting exercises to standing postures with different kinds of sun salutations. We end the session with a short meditation and a short relaxation lying on our backs.

An Early Bird yoga session takes one hour.