Adapting your yoga

Yoga Kitchen proposes individual guidance for yoga on appointment.

Yoga therapy for adaptation

I adapt my yoga practice to my specific body shape and possibilities

In physical yoga practice, several different functions occur. The most important ones are:

  • Forward bends (“closing” the body)
  • Backbends (“opening” the body)
  • Twists
  • Lateral extensions

In a good yoga session, all four of these functions will occur in a balanced way, in the shape of yoga postures or asanas.

But what if your the state or shape of your body or spine are different from what is considered “normal” or “average”?
For example, the spine has several natural curves, but quite a lot of us have them more or less pronounced. One can have a lordosis (hollowness) that is more pronounced than average at the lower part of the back, or a cyphosis (roundness) that is more generous than usual at the upper part of the back.
Left/right asymmetries such as caused by scoliosis occur quite frequently.
Often, we are not even aware of them and they do not cause any significant discomfort.

Some of these situations, or other phenomena, can be of structural or functional nature:

  • structural: the structure of the body and/or spine is permanently altered
  • functional: the posture of the body is altered or modified because of my attitude (e.g.: work charge or emotional state)

In the first case, yoga therapy will avoid the worsening of the structural modification of the body shape.
In the second case, the modification of the body shape can be readjusted.

A private yoga therapy consultation allows you to put the appropriate accents in your yoga practice.
You will learn and understand which exercises and postures are the best, which kind of adaptations you can make and with which postures you’d better be sparse and prudent.

First of all, we shall clarify which goals you want to attain by means of yoga.
Next, starting from a series of observations and a couple of tests your personal profile and the most adequate recommendations will be established.
Following that, we will put together a personal adapted yoga session if necessary.
By the end of the session you will go home with a written report of these recommendations and the eventual session.


A yoga therapy consultation lasts for one hour and costs 60,00€

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You can also do so by telephone: 0486/88 28 48.
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