Online yoga at home

The best online yoga experience at home

Setting up your yoga spot

  • Pick a space where you will not be disturbed
  • A free floor space of about 2 m by 2 m is ideal.
  • Unroll your mat and keep pillow(s), blanket or plaid within reach.
  • Set up your receiving device (PC screen, tablet or smartphone) in such a way that:
    • you can hear the voice of the yoga instructor and his instructions well enough
    • you can take an occasional glimpse at the screen in case the instruction is not clear enough and you need visual support
  • Get good lighting. This way, the yoga teacher can also see you better and possibly give tips during the class.
  • You can choose a soothing, cozy atmosphere.

To be seen or not to be seen

Of course, you choose whether you are visible for the yoga teacher and the other participants or not.
If he can see you, he can give you personal tips now and then.
But that is up to you.
If you do NOT want to be seen, you can turn off your own video camera by clicking on the icon with the video camera in the ZOOM application at the bottom left of the black screen, so that it is crossed out.

For the best experience in class

  • Make sure you’re ready about ten minutes in advance.
  • Avoid background noise as much as possible.
  • Once the class starts, we ask you to turn off the microphone of your receiving device to avoid disturbing interference. You can do this by clicking on the microphone icon in ZOOM’s user interface, bottom left on the black ZOOM screen.
  • It is also a good idea to turn off the microphone of your receiving device during your moment of relaxation.
  • Switch off notifications from other applications on your receiving device if necessary.
  • If you work with a smartphone as a receiving device, make sure that your internet connection on your phone is switched on to prevent the lesson from running through the data connection of your GSM phone subscription.
  • Let yourself mainly be guided by the vocal instructions of the teacher. Avoid distraction by too much looking at the screen of your device during your yoga practice.
  • A cup of tea after class is always blissful. If you prepare it in a thermos jug or cup ready by the start of the class, you can share a cup of tea with the other participants or by yourself after the class finishes!

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