Since 8 June 2020, the group classes in the studio have restarted.
However, we must be cautious and observe the general regulations regarding the possible risks of contamination with COVID-19 with common sense.

Measures in the studio

  • Because of the 1.5 m safety distance there will be maximum 6 participants per class allowed in the studio.
  • The yoga mats are cleaned after every class. Those who prefer to bring their own mat are welcome to do so.
  • In the bathroom/toilet there will be sufficient liquid hand soap for proper hand hygiene.
  • We keep a register of who was present on what day.

However, we are not in favour of systematic disinfection. This is only good for environments where sterility is useful (such as operating bays in hospitals), but not for a normal living environment. That’s why you won’t find alcoholic gels or similar desinfectants in the studio.

Clear expectations from our participants:

  • Make a reservation for your class sufficiently in advance (by mail or via the website or by SMS). Also cancel on time in case of force majeure (by SMS).
  • Don’t come to yoga class if you’re not feeling well.
  • If you find out that you are infected with COVID-19, or a person in your close circle is, please notify us immediately. We then inform all regular visitors to the studio.