The cooking philosophy of Yoga Kitchen

Cooking with compassion for health and well-being

One of the pillars of the yoga philosophy is AHIMSA – renouncing all forms of violence. He or she who wants to truly live and embody this virtue cannot do other than to strive for a plant based diet, unless your yoga practice remains a superficial activity with no consequences for your lifestyle or the world in which you live.

A picture of a newborn calf, with bright eyes.

Modern farm animals live a short, miserable existence that is not even worthy of being called a life, before they are, mostly in a very brutal and painful way, robbed of their lives in slaughter.

He or she who lives from the heart with compassion for these sensitive, intelligent earthlings with whom we share this planet, will soon feel a strong motivation to say goodbye forever to the unhealthy, respectless, violent and wasteful traditional eating culture based on meat, fish, eggs and dairy consumption which we have all grown up with.

Picture of a meal with tempeh

Yoga Kitchen wants to make people aware. Yoga Kitchen inspires and helps people to make the transition to a diet that is free of animal products.The enormous benefits of a diet based on genuine, unprocessed basic products wthout ingredients of animal origin for our personal health are a welcome bonus.
A picture of an animal free breakfast

Yoga Kitchen strives for a tasty and simple, healthy kitchen that is human, animal and planet friendly, and that stimulates us to become more creative in our kitchen by working with pure and unprocessed basic products of optimum quality.
A picture of a dish with vegan stuffed peppers.

We avoid industrially processed foods and choose for home made and local foods. We get our inspiration from the many vegetarian/vegan cooking traditions all over the world, like the mediterranean cuisine, the Indian Ayurvedic tradition and the Raw vegan kitchen. It is our aim to get the best out of everything, without blindly or fanatically following one or another philosophy.
A picture of a vegan dessert

AHIMSA is our foundation. And finally we also dare to have an honest look at the cost of things, by comparing the cost of an animal free diet to a so-called “classic” diet with meat, fish, dairy and eggs.