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Prana Yoga Flow Basic

Prana Yoga Flow, an energetic and dynamic kind of yoga

Do you like intense, dynamic movement or do you have a very sedentary lifestyle? Then our Prana Yoga Flow classes will most likely suit you.

Prana Yoga Flow aims at creating a solid and strong base and centre (“core”) of the body, freedom for the shoulders and the heart-area, and stillness and clarity in the mind. Prana Yoga Flow uses breathing as its foundation and starting point.
This kind of yoga is ideal if you want to move in a healthy and conscious way and wish to cultivate strength and stamina.
Full awareness in the present moment, breathing and posture/movement form the golden trio that improves the flow of energy in the body.
Prana Yoga Flow has a warming, activating effect.
Read more about Prana Yoga Flow below.

Prana Yoga Flow Basic in Schaarbeek

Group classes on
Monday evening from 19.00 h until 20.30 h (7.00 pm till 8.30 pm)
Wednesday evening from 19.00 h until 20.30 h (7.00 pm till 8.30 pm)

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More information about Prana Yoga Flow

Prana Yoga Flow is ideal for those people who seek physical activity in a healthy and conscious way.
Physically speaking, Prana Yoga Flow will render you more flexible, and also stronger. Your muscles will be stimulated to develop lengthwise and they will develop equal power along all sides of the body and the limbs. This will as well enhance the balance and health of your joints. You will learn how to stand solid and more conscious, You will develop greater consciousness regarding your breathing.
After a class of Prana Yoga Flow you will feel yourself amazingly well grounded in your physical body. The after effect of the class lasts for days.

Mental awareness

Keeping up with it with your full attention is probably the biggest task. Yet it is essential in yoga practice.
That’s why we often practice with our eyes closed. In order to stay focused on all physical sensations in the body more easily.
One can really speak of a true mental effort.


In Prana Yoga Flow we continuously work with the ujjayi breathing technique and sometimes with consciously holding certain muscle groups.
Our breathing is the “engine”, both guide and driving force. Since everyone breathes in a different way, there are moments when the participants work at their own pace.


In Prana Yoga Flow the six most important functions of physical yoga are all addressed. The tool to support and strengthen these functions is the yoga posture or asana.
The asanas in the Prana Yoga Flow Basic classes are chosen from a basic set of 32 different postures and their variations.
We connect the postures in a fluid manner, by using connecting movements called vinyasas.
In Prana Yoga Flow classes we learn the different basic postures. Gradually we work to connect the postures more fluently. Therefore, every now and then we take a moment for some “technical” explanation of the functions and postures. We discuss and practice the somewhat more challenging postures such as the inversions.

How is a Prana Yoga Flow class structured?

The sessions are generally made up as follows:

  • We start with a moment where we develop presence in the here and now and physical sensation of the body.
  • Then we activate the ujjayi breathing technique before starting the posture sequence.
  • Next, we continue with a short warm-up followed by dynamic series of postures known elsewhere as “sun salutations”.
  • Then comes the sequence of postures composed of standing, sitting, lying and inverted postures and a calming final sequence.
  • We end with a short moment of meditation and breathing and a deep relaxation, lying on our back or in a resting position of your own choice.

A class of Prana Yoga Flow Basic lasts an hour and a half.

Would you like to make a comparison with other yoga styles? Then this yoga lies between what one finds elsewhere under the name Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga.

Type of class Duration Yin/Yang Rhythm Effect
Prana Yoga Flow 90 min Yang Moderate, dynamic Heating, fortifying</td

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