Yoga Therapy

Tailor made personal guidance for yoga practice

Yoga therapy offers both definite answers to questions about your yoga practice and healing and prevention in case of injuries and pains.

Adapting your yoga

Private consultation
In physical yoga practice, several different functions of bending, flexion and stretching occur in a balanced way. But what if the state or shape of your body or spine are different from what is considered “normal” or “average”? It can be useful or even necessary to adapt your yoga to the specific and unique shape of your body.

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Yoga for healing

Private consultation
There are moments in life when we are facing injuries or pains because of bad posture or too long held stresses in certain parts of our body.
Other disorders may inhibit normal mobility or generate pain symptoms.

Yoga therapy offers concrete and highly efficient tools for healing and rehabilitation.

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Personal Yoga Coach

Private classes
Yoga Kitchen offers individual guidance for yoga by appointment.
There may be different reasons why you do not want to attend group classes of yoga.
Yoga Kitchen offers private yoga classes that can suit your individual needs and time schedule.
Private yoga classes are possible at Yoga Kitchen, at your own place or at a venue of your choice in the Brussels’ area.

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