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Picture showing Crumesan and its ingredients

Ditch Parmesan as of today

Because here’s something very easy, very simple and a lot healthier: Crumesan. And no cows or other farm animals have had to suffer for it.
Amongst people who make their first steps with plant based food, you can observe that they like to have something that resembles grated cheese, to sprinkle over pasta sauce or soups, and that has a bit the same dry, granular texture and a similar taste sensation as grated Parmesan cheese.

I found this simple recipe for “crumesan” in the rich works of David Côté and Mathieu Gallant. They are two inspiring canadian men that run a plant-based raw food company named “Crudessence”. Crudessence is not only about plant-based raw eating, they even consider the living plant-based raw kitchen as a philosophy of life with plenty of ramifications to several aspects of life, and even as a political act with a huge positive rebound for the environment. In Canada they have a couple of restaurants, a raw food academy and they also have several books on their name in the Crudessence series. In those books you can find a lot of raw vegan basics from which you can ignite your own creative spirit.
Absolutely worthwhile as a source of inspiration!
Here is the link:

This is what you need and their proportions:

  • About 140 grammes of Brazil nuts
  • A quarter teaspoon of sea salt or more, to your taste
  • A quarter, a half or a complete clove of garlic, to your taste
  • About 1/8 teaspoon of ground black pepper or a mixture of three peppers

This is how you proceed:

Brazil nuts need not be soaked overnight, in contrast to most other nuts.
Bring the Brazil nuts, the garlic clove and the sea salt with the pepper in a kitchen robot with an S-shaped blade. Pulsate a couple of times until you get the desired texture grain. Then scoop it all into a glass jar with a screwing lid. The crumesan will preserve happily in the fridge for two up to three weeks. If that isn’t easy!

A lot of people start off their journey towards a plant-based life style by going through a vegetarian phase first. This allows the consumption of dairy such as milk, cheese, butter and also eggs. Dairy can in no way be considered as healthy food. The dairy cows are amongst the most miserable slaves of our modern day economy, which seems to be built entirely on animals and animal products. The food industry incorporates cheese in a large amount of foods, like a hidden serial poisoner, comparable to the ubiquitous refined sugar. Moreover, cheese is highly addictive.
When you say goodbye to dairy forever, the health and according general well-being benefits , even in the short run, are ENORMOUS. The dairy industry is a rather recent phenomenon in the Western world, dating from right after the Second World War. It is in fact built on the incorrect assumption that milk from cows and other land mammals and their derivatives, are an essential part of a healthy food regimen. The myth has grown into a tough, governement endowed institutionalized lie, that luckily somehow starts to stagger.
It has been shown out by several serious studies on the matter, that dairy is unreliable as a source of calcium. Digesting dairy has a strong acidifying effect on the body’s tissues, it tends to erode calcium out of the bones rather than fortifying them.

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