Yoga Classes

Better living with yoga.

A regular and disciplined practice of yoga can change your life in drastically positive ways.

Prana Yoga Flow Basic

Group classes
This is quite an energetic (yang) kind of yoga, which aims at creating a solid and strong base and core of the body, freedom for the shoulders and the heart-area, and stillness and clarity in the head. This kind of yoga is ideal for those who want to move in a healthy and conscious way and who also wish to cultivate strength and stamina. Prana Yoga Flow has a heating, activating effect.

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Yin Yoga

Group classes
This is a quiet, gentle (yin) kind of yoga that has a calming, soothing and cooling effect. Yin yoga is ideal for people who lead stress-ridden lives with excessive mental activity, or for those who wish to remain as flexible as possible with advancing age. It is also an ideal kind of yoga to end the day in a relaxed manner and to prepare for an excellent night of sleep.

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Hatha Yoga

Group classes
Hatha Yoga is probably the most classic and most widespread form of yoga practice. Its intensity is situated between the more dynamic Prana Yoga Flow and the slower, static Yin Yoga.
This is the most appropriate form of yoga for starters.
We put a lot of emphasis on the adequate use of the breath. The movements and postures are selected out of the hundreds of yoga postures that have been documented. In general, we will remain for 5 up to 7 long, deep breaths in the posture, before moving on to the next one.

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Yoga Therapy & Coaching

Yoga Kitchen offers individual guidance for yoga.
A Yoga Therapy consult helps to determine your personal profile and can facilitate healing and revalidation in case of postural or bodily suffering. The consult aims at creating a custom tailored yoga session or procedure for practice at home.
Individual yoga classes guide your sessions in a private atmosphere, either at Yoga Kitchen’s premises or at your home in the Brussels region. Maximum 2 participants.

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The word Yoga litterally means: connection.

Yoga must be thousand years of age and originally comes from India. Since the seventies of the previous century, this discipline has been rediscovered in the West and it actually gets more and more popular.

But why would one want to practice something old as yoga in these modern, hectic times?
In its broadest sense, yoga is a kind of philosophy, a holistic practice, a way of living that brings more harmony in body and mind resulting in a more serene life with more compassion for all living beings.
A regular practice of yoga offers us considerable benefits:

  • strengthening of the muscles and tendons in the body
  • greater flexibility
  • a better alignment and body posture
  • a more regular and complete breathing pattern
  • mental and emotional peace
  • a better contact with one’s deepest self
  • a better ability to live in the here and now
  • an enhanced capacity to deeply relax

Practicing yoga regularly can contribute significantly to the healing of all kinds of ailments, great and small.Yoga, when practiced regularly and with discipline, can give you more control over your life.

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