Text quote by Christine

How Christine feels about it

1. Christine, what is your main reason or motivation for taking yoga classes?

The classes are a good way to keep fit – the combination of concentration and doing exercises feels particularly good to me.

2. What makes you feel motivated to keep taking the classes for so long to this day?

Despite the distance, due to my actual job, I like to take the classes with you. It is also convenient that it can be done online now. I also do not like to change “supplier” especially if I am satisfied.

3. Why do you take the classes here at Yoga Kitchen, instead of going to another yoga studio ?

The small scale and personal approach appeal to me and of course the fact that the classes are also in Dutch. Not always easy to find in Brussels.

4. What do you particularly like about the yoga classes / approach / atmosphere here at Yoga Kitchen?

You can easily adapt the pace and intensity to your possibilities. Yet you can work up to your limit and challenge it a bit.

5. Are there perhaps purely practical elements that make you choose the yoga classes here?

Practical? It’s not as practical as it used to be when I could come from work on foot. Maybe the good price – quality ratio with the 10-classes pass.

Thanks for the time you spent on these questions, Christine, and see you soon!