Text quote from Koen

Koen’s opinion

1. What is your main reason or your main motivation to take yoga classes?

My inner balance, both physical and mental.
Yoga practice is quite complementary to my passion for climbing, and also to the other sports I like to do. And at times when I have a harder time mentally, I find great benefit in attending the yoga classes.

2. What makes you feel motivated to keep taking the classes for so long?

The way the yoga is taught over here: in small groups, and therefore personalized, with intensity and precision. I also like the nature of yoga and it is in line with my excellent experiences in Berlin when I started practicing yoga. By nature, I mean the fluidity of the movements in sync with the rhythm of the breathing. Your way of teaching radiates calm and conviction.

3. Why do you take classes here at Yoga Kitchen, instead of going to another yoga studio?

The proximity to my home is a plus, but it’s mainly what I noted above that counts.
I also really enjoy the setting of a stylish small town house. It’s part of the rich architectural heritage of Schaarbeek.

4. What do you particularly like about the yoga classes / approach / atmosphere here at Yoga Kitchen?

The participants are, each in their own way, committed, respectful and intense. The small groups make it easier to get to know people.
I also really appreciate the cup of tea at the end. It is a nice gesture of thanks and it brings people closer.

5. Are there perhaps any purely practical elements that make you choose the yoga classes here?

Not really. I think what I mentioned earlier perfectly describes my appetite for these classes.

Thanks for the time you spent on these questions, Koen, and see you soon!