A quote from Rémi

How Rémi feels about it

1. What is your main reason or your main motivation to take yoga classes?

There’s that sporty side and the fact that you gain flexibility, there’s also the relaxation and the feeling of well-being after your classes.

2. What makes you feel motivated to keep taking the classes for so long?

I like continuity in human relationships and in my activities and your course is one of them.
I like to follow your classes and to meet up with other yoga friends and thus form a nice community.

3. Why do you take classes here at Yoga Kitchen, instead of going to another yoga studio?

Your professionalism, seriousness and gentleness.

4. What do you particularly like about the yoga classes / approach / atmosphere here at Yoga Kitchen?

I really like the atmosphere you create in your classes.

5. Are there perhaps any purely practical elements that make you choose the yoga classes here?

The opportunity to do your classes online which is more convenient since your studio is far from my home? I like the online option.
The fact that the class dates and times are precise and known in advance, it allows you to plan your week.
The flexibility of your card system.

Thank you very much for your answers, Rémi, and see you soon.