Quote from An

The revelation for An

1. What is your main reason or motivation for taking yoga classes?

The yoga is very relaxing for me, because of the breathing in combination with the movement.
It works quite meditative.
Twice a week I feel really relaxed after yoga. 
They make my weekly two hours with myself (-:

2. What makes you feel motivated to keep taking the classes for so long to this day?

I’ve become a bit addicted to it (while I used to think that yoga really wasn’t for me).
I miss it when I can’t take some classes.
It does not only does good in my mind, my body is also relaxed and I feel more flexible.
I also need the verbal guidance to do the series of postureses, I don’t think I could do it alone or have the discipline to do so.

3. Why do you take the classes here at Yoga Kitchen, instead of going to another yoga studio ?

I’ve never been anywhere else. I am satisfied (-:
Once I did 1 class of a very active yoga style, but it only hurt and they seemed like impossible postures to me.
With the Prana yoga I also found the first classes very difficult. Now I find the recurring sequence of movements easier to do and it’s also nice that things come back.

4. What do you particularly like about the yoga classes / approach / atmosphere here at Yoga Kitchen?

I really like the individual adjustments, and also the fact that you stop to think too much about things, consciously emptying your head etc.
The private session with you concerning my chronic hyperventilation proved very instructive. Because of this, I apply things more during the classes, but also outside of them.
I notice that in the live classes this is attention for the individual is even more important, with small adjustments for those who need something.
I appreciate that we are invited to learn to listen (consciously) to our own body.

5. Are there any perhaps purely practical elements that make you choose the yoga classes here?

For me it was during the COVID lockdown with the online classes of course that I started, also because I had more time available in my schedule then.
I love being able to do it from home, from my friend’s house or whilst on holiday.

A massive thank you for your answers, An, and see you soon!