Our real home

What is the real home we live in?

Do you invest in the profitability of bricks and concrete or in the quality of the only real home you will live in all your life?

This interesting question arose when I was looking for a possible alternative home that would better suit my changing needs.

I visited an expensive flat that was being sold by a charming and talkative man who had once bought the flat on plan as an investment, and now wanted to get rid of it because he considered “the profitability to be insufficient”.

I listened and observed the man carefully as we walked through the fairly recent flat, which as usual had a mixture of good and less suitable features. It also struck me as a little “boxy”. I immediately felt like wanting to tear down the partition walls and opening up the space.

The man himself did not look healthy at all. I felt something like high blood pressure and could not help feeling that he was on medication. Nevertheless, he had a successful career in the medical field. A bit like the prototype of the hardworking, socially successful worker with lots of savings and many investments in “real estate”.

Vital energy

I realised that “real estate” is somewhat illusory. The only thing that remains real is change.
I had the feeling that there are two relevant dwellings in which we spend our whole lives. On the one hand, the energetic and physical entity of our individual body.
On the other, the larger home of this planet where we as privileged beings may temporarily reside.

How do we deal with these houses?
Where do you invest your money and life energy?

Respect for one’s own body and the larger body of this earth creates the basic conditions for a meaningful and successful existence, where you can let the best of yourself flourish in a sound relationship with the greater whole.