Pan with vegetables

Your daily soup

Eating plant-based begins with eating more plants – what’s in a name.
For many people, this is where the health of their diet is lacking.
Everyone has heard the message, once or even repeatedly, that for good health and strong immunity you should eat more vegetables. However, we come from traditions that gave vegetables a third-rate role by definition.

Plant Power

Fortunately, for more and more people, things are moving in the right direction!

An excellent way to drastically increase the amount of plant power in your diet is a daily soup.

A good soup is home-made, with fresh, organically grown vegetables, possibly with some legumes for more vegetable protein and a more solid texture.

Best ways

It is best to keep the cooking process as short as possible to preserve as much nutritional value as possible. Vitamins and enzymes break down in too much heat and too long a period of heat.

Good cooking processes for soup are :

– Cold raw soups
Raw vegetables are ground in a blender with herbs, possibly some nuts or sprouted legumes and cold water (e.g. summer soups such as gazpacho)

– Lukewarm raw soups
Raw vegetables are ground in a blender with herbs and possibly nuts or sprouted legumes with the addition of hot water, i.e. without boiling the soup. The result is a soup that barely exceeds 40°C.

– Classic hot soups prepared in a pressure cooker with a short cooking time (10 min. under steam)
Raw vegetables are cooked with herbs and pre-soaked and rinsed legumes such as lentils and beans in water under increased pressure. After steaming for ten minutes, the soup is ready and can be mixed.

If necessary, add vegetable stock to season.
Sea salt or miso is fine as a means of salting.

Enjoy !