A quote from Sanne

Sanne’s idea

1. What is your main reason or motivation for taking yoga classes?

For me, yoga is a way to get out of my head and stay physically flexible.

2. What makes you feel motivated to keep following the classes for so long until today?

I feel better when I practice yoga, I have less back pain and I am more relaxed.

3. Why do you take classes here at Yoga Kitchen, instead of going to another yoga studio?

It’s a nice location, close to my home, small scale, no big gym, pleasant atmosphere.

4. What do you particularly appreciate about the yoga classes / approach / atmosphere here at Yoga Kitchen?

I prefer the longer class of 1.5 hours. There is a good balance between relaxation and effort. The approach is individual, everyone does the exercises and postures in his/her own way.

Thank you very much for your feedback Sanne, and see you soon!