An image of bright child's eyes

The most intelligent question

2020 has caused a leap of consciousness in a growing number of people. The world will never be the same as before. That is fine, because the old model was in urgent need of change.
More and more people are questioning themselves and their way of life.
Wonderful! It was about time.

The most intelligent question in the world

In fact, the most important conversation you should have on a daily basis is the conversation with yourself. To challenge our mind and our heart on a daily basis. In this way we avoid living “on automatic pilot” and not consciously holding the wheel of our lives in both hands.
What question should you ask yourself in this context? What is the smartest question in the world to start with?

Well, anyone who has been a child or has children knows this inevitable question, which a 4 to 5 year old constantly asks the parents during a certain period of her or his life, until those parents become a little bit nervous or feel a slight annoyance rising.
And that question is: Why?
Yes, the most useful and intelligent question in the world comes from the mouths of small children. In order to know whether you have given up the steering wheel of your life without realising it, it helps, in your daily conversation with yourself, to ask the simple question: “Why?” regarding each of your choices and actions, and then answer it as honestly and sincerely as possible.

Continue digging

And after that first answer, ask yourself again the question: “Why?”. Just like that little child of barely 5 did.
Because one answer can sometimes hide a deeper answer. So you continue to dig down to the bare bone until you have identified the real motivation or driver behind your choice or behaviour.
Then, hold it up to the light today, and see if that choice still makes sense in 2021, knowing that life is short and fragile.
Bet that in 2021 a lot of old patterns of behaviour will be replaced by fresh, new choices!
Isn’t that just marvellous?