Picture of wheel posture in a sunny garden

Embrace life with wheel posture

Our favourite posture for the month of July is the wheel posture. The technical or Sanskrit name of this wheel posture is Chakrasana or Urdhva Dhanurasana (Bow upwards). I deliberately do not use sanskrit terminology during the yoga classes I guide, because that feels like giving a Catholic mass in Latin.
Like the fish posture, this is also an opening pose, a variation of the backband. It opens and extends the front side of the body intensely.
Wheel posture is pre-eminently a posture that is somewhat easier to perform in the summer season, and somewhat more difficult in the winter. This is no coincidence. It is a yoga posture with a very “fiery” character, which strongly activates the solar plexus chakra.
It is one of the most intense postures in the Prana Yoga Flow. In our classes you will learn how to work towards it step by step.

Yoga influences and supports our well-being on all possible levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual.
See here how this posture affects all these levels:

Physical benefits

  • Expanding the breathing capacity and strengthening the heart
  • More space around and release of tension around the heart
  • Strengthening of the back, arms, legs and buttocks
  • Opening and expanding of the abdomen and chest
  • Relaxation of the head and neck
  • Improving the flexibility of the shoulders, shoulder blades and upper back
  • Increased blood circulation in the whole body
  • Prevention of heart and artery diseases

Energetic effects

  • Activating and warming
  • Stretching of the Ren Mai, stomach, heart and spleen meridians
  • Grounding of the hands and feet
  • Intense opening of all 7 chakras in the body
  • Improved energy flow between the solar plexus and heart chakra

Emotional well-being

  • A stronger will
  • Opening up fully to life
  • More confidence and joy of life
  • Opening up the heart from a strong foundation
  • Transforming tension in the diaphragm and abdomen into a constructive force
  • Mental attitude

    • Improved sense of purpose
    • More openness
    • Concern for the positive and constructive

    Spiritual growth

    • Connection
    • Powerful action with an open heart
    • Joy of life
    • Entrepreneurial spirit
    • Healthy vigour
    • Strong foundation

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    Prana Yoga Flow

    A full description of the basic postures of Prana Yoga Flow can be found in the book: “Prana Yoga Flow – Activate your life force, open your heart and live freely”, by Alberto Paganini. (Available in both dutch and english).
    Alberto Paganini was one of my very first yoga teachers. You can find his website (in Dutch) here.